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Hi guys!

As I’ve told you before, I LOVE FOOD! And everything that goes with it!

I love cooking, eating, experementing in the kitchen and trying new stuff out.

I’ve been trying to cut out meat… but that’s a whole other subject, and I will write about that later on.

SO! I just discovered two AMAZING and YUMMY recipes, and I want to share them with you!

It’s still about sweets! I promise I will start experimenting on salty stuff soon! It’s just it’s the beginning of my diet and it was also Valentine’s Day! It was my duty to make something full of sugar and love!

My first recipe is all about the breakfast – THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY!

I decided to try oatmeal pancakes. To be honest, I was sketchy at first, but after trying them, I was absolutely sure I will be eating them until I can’t have no more (if that’s ever possible lol). They are delicious and kinda healthy if you think about it!



  • 2 cups of oatmeal (whole)
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder
  • 1 banana
  •  1 tablespoon baking soda (only if you want them puffy)
  • Half a cup – 3/4 milk (of your choice)


This part is actually extremely easy peasy! All you have to do is putting the oatmeal in the blender until it has a powderish constency. Slowly start adding the rest of the ingredients, mixing within the process. My order is the following: oatmeal – mix – milk – mix – egg – mix – banana – mix – the rest – mix.

You will have your beautiful dough all done! After that it will be time to grab some low salt butter and start pancaking! Also, it doesn’t have to be a banana! It can be a fruit (or ingredient) of your choice!

And Next…



  • 4 bananas
  • 2 large eggs
  • 280 gr flour
  • 200 gr sugar
  • 100 gr butter
  • 3/4 cup of milk (of your choice)
  • 1/2 tablespoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • vanilla extract (your choice)
  • nuts (your choice)


All you have to do is mix and blend it all. I did it with my own hands and by parts in the blender. First of, I mashed the bananas and nuts, so I could start adding little by little, specially the flour and sugar so it can all mix well. Once you have a liquid consistency, you will have your dough ready to prepare. Don’t forget you have to butter your recipient before baking!

Pre heat the oven 180°C. The entire baking process will take about 30 minutes. Don’t forget you have to wait for it to cool off, and then… YUMMY! 

To be honest, it was a huge sucess and one of the best Valentine’s gifts I ever made!

As you can tell, I love this! And I’m really proud of myself! LOL But I do want to keep learning and experimenting SASSY stuff! So if you have your own recipes, YAS! Please share! I would be happy to try them out!

IG: @sassnyas


Don’t stress, do your best – Agenda 2019 tips


We all know life is complicated! We all have so many goals we want to achieve, yet so many issues, responsablities and bumps on the road that make it absolutely difficult to make them happen. And yep, I said “difficult”, not impossible.

I’m an old school girl, and I believe writing things down will make them more real, instead of just thinking about them or wanting them.

So first things first, an agenda! There are so many designs and focuses! Mine had to be pink, but I know there are so many styles; one of my good friends has a finance oriented one. And there is no excuse, an agenda isn’t expensive and you can get in anywhere, online or in any book store, even clothing stores!

I decided 2019 would be a year of changes. I want to change who I am inside and out, I want to change my surroundings and my priorities. I want to start acting for the future, and in order for that to happen I have to act now.

I decided 2019 would be a year of changes. I want to change who I am inside and out, I want to change my surroundings and my priorities. I want to start acting for the future, and in order for that to happen I have to act now.

So the first thing I did was to make a list in the back of the agenda, in the “notes” section, of the things I DESIRE and the things I DON’T WANT (won’t show you because there are some personal things written down, but I can set an example of a few).

Things I DESIRE; to lose weight, to eat clean, to work out, to spend quiet time, to spend more time with my family and dogs (who are my family too), to pay off my debts, to take better care of myself, to keep things neat.

Things I DON’T WANT: anxiety, stress, toxic people, negativity, procastination.

AHA! PROCASTINATION! That is a biggie!! That’s why I try to motivate myself by doing things like the following… btw. you may laugh.

As you can see, this was for January, but let’s be real, by this time of the year, most people start giving up on their New Year resolutions! And thats why they should be called LIFE GOALS instead! Step by step, little by little, I like to organize my goals per day. Like “today I will work out”, “today I will eat clean”, on “Sunday I can have the junk food”, “Today I will meditate and pray for this and that”. So it kinda looks something like this!

As you can see I divided each day in two; the left side is for the daily goals, and the right side is for the things popping up, because let’s be real; you can try, but time isn’t planned 100%.

Although it isn’t February 12th as we speak, I kindky sacrified one of my days to show you the other things I usually do; KEEPING TRACK! My agenda is the school, my activities are my exams and I am the teacher!

I will read my agenda when I wake up and keep in mind everything I want, desire, and need! Everything I wanna get rid off too! I try to do my best every single day, mixed with work, traffic and stuff. Then before bed I will check my progress and give myself a signature! If I have more achievements than fails, I will give myself a little treat; it can be ANYTHING you want! I normally do a cookie, or a nap or something like that! Life is about enjoying too!

And if I have more fails than achievements, of course I won’t treat myself, but I will go back to those two lists I wrote down when I decided what I DESIRED and DIDN’T WANT for my life. I will remember it, re live it and keep moving forward!

What is your top secret to orginze that sassy life of yours?


IG: sassynyas

Dessert can be healthy too!

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I know many of us STRUGGLE when it comes to dieting! OH MY GOSH! It’s hard! It’s like all of the sudden you start having cravings for stuff you never have when you are eating “normal”.

I don’t know if it’s a matter of psychology, or if it’s just me and my crazy self, but whenever I try changing the way I eat and treat my body, I want to eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! Specially sweets after lunch!

I will have my vegetables, my protein and a small amount of carbs, accompanied with iced green tea or something like that. You know? Behaving, being a good girl! But then, after finishing it all, it’s like BAM! I want donuts, I want Nutella, I want Life Savers, I want cake, and cookies and flan!

So I was just sitting there, staring at temptation and decided to improvise! So here’s two options you can have for those crazy cravings, and I really hope you like them, because they really have saved my inner eater anxiety.



  • Integral rice
  • Almond Milk
  • Nuts
  • Raisins
  • Chia seeds
  • Sugar supplement ( I used honey, but you can also use other options like Splenda, or Stevia)

No instructions needed! Just prepare the rice and mix it all!!! The secret relies in adding it all as the rice is cooking! It’s delicious and it’s kinda healthy! (Depending on the amounts you eat it of course).

2. Home made Jam!


– This one is up to you! It can be any fruit! I chose berries!

– Sugar supplement (I used honey and Splenda)

– Water

Just put a little water on the stove, together with your fruits and you will see how the fruit starts losing its liquid! Leave it there!

After a few minutes start mashing just as you do potatoes! Once you see the Jammy consistency start adding the sweetener! It will take no longer than 15-20 minutes!!

I hope you enjoy it! I’m on my way to get a toast right this second! Hihi! 💓

I have a great time experimenting in the kitchen! I will probably post more! You should too! What is your favourite dessert?! Maybe I can try doing it in a healthy way! 🤗

Dieting is more fun this way! 🙌🏻

Carta a un “Perro Callejero”


Te escribo a ti, perrito, a ti y a tus hermanos animales con el corazón en la mano. Te escribo avergonzada y triste por lo que la humanidad ha hecho con ustedes. Hemos cometido un enorme error en contra de nuestra Madre Naturaleza, dejándolos a ustedes en el olvido y negligencia. Perdóname.

Perdóname por el maltrato que tienes que vivir; perdóname por la soledad, perdóname por el frío, perdóname por el hambre, perdóname por la falta de calor, perdóname por el olvido. Perdóname.


Querido perrito, tu no eres de “la calle”, eres de la Madre Tierra y te tenemos que valorar. Cuántos hermanos no tienes, que se encuentran llenos de amor. Cuántos hermanos no tienes que sufren de hambre. Sufro contigo con tan sólo imaginar lo que tu enorme corazón siente al ver a otros paseando con humanos, moviendo la colita y sonriendo, oliendo las plantitas y haciendo amigos para jugar. Pero si tu te acercas, el humano a ti no te deja jugar, que “porque estas sucio” o “porque tienes enfermedades” o “porque muerdes”. Chiquito, yo si te quiero dejar jugar.

Yo sé lo que tu corazón siente, porque lo siento yo también. Uno como tu me salvó la vida; me salvó de la soledad, me salvo de la tristeza. Uno como tu me enseño el amor verdadero e incondicional. Uno como tu baila y brinca cuando me ve. Yo no he hecho nada para merecer a uno como tu. Lo que uno como tu me da, se lo debo a todos como tu.

No entiendo la necesidad que tiene mi raza para hacerte el feo, y nunca jamás lo voy a entender. Yo misma he presenciado como te alejan con patadas, o como les vale si te pasan por encima con un coche. He visto como se divierten maltratándote o ignorándote tal cual. He visto como se alejan cuando van a pasar a tu lado o como te avientan cosas para que te alejes tu del local. He visto como explotan a tu mami para venderte y llegar a una familia que cuando crezcas, te va a abandonar. No se vale, perrito. Me enoja y enfurece, no se vale.

Bonito, te prometo con la mano en el pecho, que de mi consta hacer un cambio. Prometo cuidar y proteger a cada uno como tú, prometo buscar por tu bien y defender tus derechos. Eres vida, eres luz, eres amor, eres Dios.

Bien dicen que los perritos son ángeles que en vez de alas tienen pelito y colita, y no cabe duda de que si. En tus ojos se puede ver el cielo y ahí es donde eventualmente me gustaría estar. Habemos buenos, amigo, y estamos viendo por tu bien.

Habemos humanos que conocen tu bondad, habemos humanos que conocen tu cariño e inocencia. Habemos humanos que luchan por tu felicidad y tranquilidad. Queremos darle un fin a tu frío, a tu hambre y soledad.

No dejaré de circular por las calles para encontrarte a ti, y muchos como tu, no dejare de rezar por la sensibilización para tu especie, no dejaré de darte cariño cuando te me cruces, procuraré alimentarte en cuanto tenga la oportunidad. Haré todo para verte bañado, para verte sonriendo, para verte moviendo las pompitas porque la colita no es suficiente.

Prometo luchar, y pelear, y volver a luchar y volver a pelear, hasta ver paz en tus ojos.

Por lo tanto perdóname, perrito, por favor.

Con amor,

Un miembro más de esta actual y horrible “humanidad”.


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On the way to SASS in life and YAS in mind!

So, I’m a regular girl you, know? Full of dreams, full of hope and a huge believer. I’m currently sitting here in the office, don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely LOVE it, but there’s something extra I want out of life! I’m currently on a break, just talked to some friends and the analyzing began big time! It’s new years! And life is full of goals, promises and great actions in this time of the year… but I actually wonder… How come these don’t last for so long?! I know you can probably relate and confirm goals start to vanish as weeks go by… it’s proved that by the end of January, most people have cheated on their diet, have stopped working out, negativity and anxiety is back, and being lazy and settling starts showing up again! I WANT TO STOP THIS. I have no idea of what I’m doing by starting a blog, but I do know where I would love to go. I see people living their best life and being the best person they can be, and I wanna be like that! I am filled with dreams; I want to be the best employee I can be, but I also want to spread positivity and do good in this crazy world we call home.

Most of the people that know me will tell you I am THE crazy dog lady! You must know I am absolutely obsessed with animals, and I want to do every single thing I can to help them out. You will probably see a lot of this here and on my personal IG. Having 4 rescue dogs myself, I want to help the rest of them to find forever homes. I want to fight against animal abuse and neglect, and thank God for the internet, I will do it through this mean, I promise! I owe it to Mother Nature.

As a very spiritual person that I am, I will also try to find peace myself and share it! Hopefully will be able to help someone out who needs it! Helping, trying and spreading positivity is a must in this life, but it’s an internal must as well. There are so many places and ways to achieve mindfullness! I hope they get to your soul as much as they do mine!

A happy body is very important too! We all forget to take care of it as we should because LIFE! But once you sit down and think of it, it’s easy! Yes, it takes discipline and time, oh, and patience! But we are strong and powerful and don’t even realize it! I will do my best to find the best recipes and routines to balance my inner and outer self together as one! This is a promise I’m making to myself right this second! A happy body is very important too! We all forget to take care of it as we should because LIFE! But once you sit down and think of it, it’s easy! Yes, it takes discipline and time, oh, and patience! But we are strong and powerful and don’t even realize it! I will do my best to find the best recipes and routines to balance my inner and outer self together as one! This is a promise I’m making to myself right this second!

Here’s a list of things I came up with, to guide ourselves into a new journey!

And well, as a girl, of course I love the glam, the style and the sass! But I am absolutely certain I don’t need the money to have it! Everything can be done at home! Everything can come down to reality and creativity, just as this blog intention! LOL! So I really hope the things I share will be of your taste! I really hope you we can realize together how much our body, soul and brain can do! I hope we can make things together, I hope we can share memories together, I hope we can help together, I hope we can enjoy together!

I hope this 2019 we can bring the SASS down to real life, I hope we can bring the YAS to our minds!  Aha, yas we can do it! Oh, and this all will be a mix of Spanglish! ❤

Sass N’ Yas